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About Us

Ever since its original inspiration, Ultra Violet Productions has been about mood. The stories, ideas, audio, and cinematography were all crafted with the original mood in mind. It became increasingly obvious that at the core of these moods was the music. Music can turn a disturbing scene into a farce, a bit of dialogue into an unforgettable moment, a movie into magic.

To harness this force, Ultra Violet made the decision to always produce and compose its music internally. This gave birth to a powerful duo. George Zywiel and Ethan Pipher make up the composing team responsible for the soundtracks for every single film that Ultra Violet has ever produced. Thatís eleven years of dedicated experience. While still dedicated to Ultra Violet, we have decided to expand our musical possibilities to include all production companies sharing a vision for film excellence.

Ranging from epic orchestrated tracks to lonely, haunting piano pieces to and everything silly and serious in between, UVP Scoring has an understanding of a wide variety of musical directions for wherever you want your mood to go.

Ethan has been playing piano since he was six and is classically trained while George had composed and produced two entire albums before he even finished grade school. With this shared passion for music, the duo brings a fresh and balanced perspective to every project.

If you would like us to consider scoring your project, please e-mail us at info@uvpmusic.com. Samples of our work can be found to the immediate right of this text.


Original music by UVP Music that accompanied the RPG "The Forest Ninjas". Purposes served include overworld music, town music, cut scenes, dungeons, and battles.

An Ultra Violet Productions original. The primarily piano based soundtrack helps convey the lonely theme of the film.

(video clips coming soon)

A York University student film. UVP Music composed an original score to help tell the story of this short silent film.

A full feature documentary film about African American motorcycle clubs in the United States.

A short horror film about an old woman who tries to kill an innocent family. George and Ethan composed this journey of a soundtrack to create suspense, relief, and everything in between.